Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for me to refer to Kinetic by Windstream?

  • Anyone you know in Kinetic service areas who may have an interest in purchasing Kinetic residential services and is not already a Kinetic by Windstream customer or actively engaged with Kinetic by Windstream.


Do I have to be a Kinetic customer to make referrals?

  • Yes, and as long as you are of legal age (at least 18 years or older), and are not a: Windstream employee, Windstream partner, subagent, or distributor, or an employee thereof (“Partner”), or
  • The family member of a Windstream employee or Partner (including - spouse, significant other (ex: fiancé, live-in partner)), roommate, or immediate family in relation by blood, marriage, or adopted relative (up to any relation through a common parent – ex: child, sibling, niece/nephew))
  • Then you are eligible to participate.


Do I need to know the person I am referring?

  • While it’s not a requirement, as a professional courtesy Kinetic by Windstream highly recommends that you know and advise the friends and family you refer to Kinetic by Windstream.



What if my referral is already in contact with the Kinetic sales team?

  • Referrals must be a new Kinetic by Windstream introduction to an eligible individual who is not actively engaged with Kinetic by Windstream.


How many awards can I earn?

  • You can earn up to five rewards per calendar year. You may be required to complete certain documentation to receive your reward, for example, an IRS Form W-9 (if applicable) when your rewards exceed $599 per calendar year.


What are the different ways I can refer my friends?

  • Once you register and set up your My Account page at you will see five available referral methods. You can send an email, post on Facebook and Twitter, share a personal URL with friends or print a card to hand out with your referral information on it.


What do I receive for each successful referral?

  • For each successful Kinetic by Windstream referral, you will receive a $100 Kinetic Visa Award Card.


Does the person I refer receive anything for signing up?

  • Yes! Kinetic by Windstream will reward both you and your friends. Your successful referral will receive our very best offer – our way of saying thanks for joining the Kinetic by Windstream family!


What is a successful referral?

  • A successful referral occurs when the eligible person you refer becomes a Kinetic by Windstream residential customer by ordering qualifying service(s), remains active for 30 days after installation and pays their first bill for the qualifying service(s). All Refer a Friend Program Terms must be met to earn a referral reward.


Which Kinetic services does my referral have to purchase for me to get my reward?

  • Your friends and family are free to purchase and enjoy any Kinetic by Windstream services; however, they must purchase Kinetic by Windstream High-Speed Internet residential service for you to qualify for the referral reward.



Once I make a referral, when do I receive my award?

  • You will receive your reward approximately 45 days after your friend’s Kinetic by Windstream High-Speed Internet residential service is installed, provided that the Refer a Friend Program Terms are met. Fulfillment times are estimates only and not guaranteed.



What if I don’t receive my referral credit?

  • Customer’s may check the status of their referral by visiting at any time. If you have not received a bill credit after a successful referral, please call Customer Care at 1-877-401-0895.


Can I track my referrals?

  • Yes, you will be able to check the status of your referrals on your My Account page at and you will receive an email update each time the status changes on each of your referrals.


What if my referral does not become a Kinetic customer?

  • Referral rewards are only issued for successful referrals.



Can I share this link with friends who want to refer someone to Kinetic?

  • Sure! If you know a current Kinetic by Windstream residential customer who would like to refer a friend to Kinetic by Windstream, please share this link:


What if I have additional questions about the Refer A Friend program?

  • If you have additional questions, please call Kinetic by Windstream at 1-877-401-0895 and we will be happy to help you.


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